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Welcome to North Park Child Care Center


Infants - We have a very active Infant Room with many activities throughout the day. Our Infant room is sanitized and the beds are stripped daily. This class is structured in order that the children's routine become just as familiar as the surroundings, which we have found through 35 years of service to our community.

It is very important at this age for children to begin developing their social skills and we do that by allowing the children to interact with each other in such ways as sitting with them on the floor reading and singing to them, playing with toys together. Our caregivers treasure the special time they take to hold the babies and have one on one contact with them. The older infants are taken outside in a buggy to get fresh air each day (weather permitting). The children love it.

18 Month - 2 Years - They are entering their "Terrible Twos" as some describe it, and we have just the solution. We place them in a classroom with a very creative teacher that makes learning fun. It has been our experience that structure for any age is imparative and we stress that in this age group.

They are beginning to learn about themselves, and notice things around them. This age is learning right from wrong in a very loving and compassionate way. The children in this class are also learning their numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. We also lovingly and patiently emphasize potty training. They have a morning and afternoon snack, lunch, playtime, arts & crafts, music, and story time.

When the weather permits, they are encouraged to play on the playground which is an exciting time for them. On Mondays and Fridays, our Preschool Department gather in the lunchroom for Pledges (American Flag, Christian Flag, and Bible), a Bible story and Prayer. They also attend Chapel every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary, and on many occassions we have special personalities such as Flower the Clown, who visits our Center.

3 Years - Our three year old program is where preschool education really begins. Every Monday and Friday, we gather in the lunchroom for Pledges (American Flag, Christian Flag, and Bible) and prayer. Then we return to their room for an hour of learning, using the ABeka Christian based curriculum. They begin writing their numbers, letters, and coloring within the lines. They have outside play, morning and afternoon snacks, nap time, afternoon fun time, video time, and story time. Our objective is to keep our children very busy during the morning and allow them to rest during nap time in the afternoon. They also have Chapel on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary.

4 Years - As our children enter the four year old program, their activities and learning increase. Every Monday and Friday mornings, they begin with Pledges (American flag, Christian flag, and Bible) and prayer. Each Wednesday, they attend Chapel at 9:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. They return to their room each day to participate in class time where they are using the ABeka Christian based curriculum. The children alternate Crafts with Music every other day. They have outside play, lunch, nap time, two snacks a day (morning and afternoon), afternoon fun time (arts, crafts, activities, centers) TV and video time, and free play time.

Four year olds lead a very busy life during the day and we encourage each child to rest during nap time. There are times when a child can't sleep, but we insist that they do rest during that time. We are so proud of our four year old program because it prepares these children for Kindergarten.

Kindergarten - Most Kindergarteners attend public school, so we have limited time with them, but we try to make the most of the time that we do share with them. For example: We have video time, snack time, arts and crafts, Bible stories and game time.