Welcome to North Park Christian Academy

North Park Christian Academy has many advantages over public schools. A basic Christian philosophy of education, high academic standards, and the proper emphasis upon morals, discipline, and patriotism constitute these advantages. Whenever the church, the home, and the school give guidance in the same direction, Christian character is developed.

Our North Park family believes there are two outstanding principles that underlie a Christian Academy. First, it must have a Christ-centered curriculum in order to bear the name Christian. Second, it must have Christ-centered teachers who desire to teach children and are concerned about their students' eternal welfare. All the fine buildings and the best high-tech audio-visual aids available, will not substitute for these two vital factors.

Our primary aim at North Park Christian Academy is to show children how to live rather than how to make a living. The Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ are not substituted for any academic subjects, but are integrated into the total educational program. We teach Christ as, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Bible is taught to develop deeper character and sound values. On the other hand, piety is not substituted for academics. We use a challenging advanced curriculum, and we insist that high academic standards be maintained.

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